AeroMobil is in the process of developing its prototype flying car, but has already announced that one of its objectives is to manufacture a flying car without driver in the next decade. The idea is that the driver does not have to do anything or when traveling on the road or when flying. Yes, it is essential to be in possession of the licenses.

AeroMobil is the Slovak company presented its prototype flying car last October. Now announces his next goal: create the automatic flying car , a project that could be realized in the next decade. The startup of Slovakia is involved in the development of their flying car prototype, the AeroMobil 3.0 , to launch into production within two years. This car-plane appeared in Nitra airport last October, coinciding with the Vienna Festival entrepreneurs.

flying car

A car flies at 200 km / h

Among its most striking features, this two-seater car can travel on the road as a normal vehicle and in a few seconds spread its wings and fly to 200 km / h. But this is not enough for the company. Already have in mind making the first prototype of autonomous flying car that does not need human control to run. His communications director, Stefan Vodocz , they announced: “Maybe in 10 years, the flying car will be automatic. Thanks to an algorithm, the computer can control it better than man. “

The development of innovative technologies in the car is on the agenda. One need only look at the news that you count every day. Google works hard to make their own autonomous car that could hit the market in the next five years, Apple is also developing a car. In both cases the idea of ​​incorporating mobile operating systems on the dashboards of cars. It also highlights the manufacturer Tesla, which is helping to popularize electric cars.

It could be available in 2017

The aim of AeroMobil is market your flying car so that there is only a list of experiments, but knows he has a tough legal battle ahead. His flying roadster will have to overcome all regulations and flight road to becoming a reality. In principle, it could be available in 2017.

One of its founders, Juraj Vaculik , reminds one of the quotes from Henry Ford in 1940, “mark my words. The combination of a car and an airplane will be a reality. It can make you laugh, but it will come. ”

The company expects airfields stations where cars can regalement off. Also expects its flying car is a solution for less developed countries can not invest much in infrastructure such as the roads. To develop the prototype AeroMobil invested 10 months. Now is knowing the key figure, how much it will cost occur?