English ones from the streets of California. Starting from January to London or other cities in the UK will see the driver of the first Google car without notice. The British government has already been tested in the United States that has been given the green light to check for future cars. The technological transformation of the country and for our economy and society are at the forefront of the new possibilities opened, Vince Cable, the industry minister said. This is 10 million pounds of funding for research in this field is introduced. Google driver less car on urban routes potentially dangerous for pedestrians, other cars, double parked cars, bicycles are not ready to face.

Transport Department has already reviewed the rules of the road, allowing drivers to navigate without a car. Those partial to a person on board at any time to check the car, which is the only computer to regain control of the steering wheel and the other hand that might interfere: and review the vehicles ‘driverless’ will cover the two types.


British universities, including Oxford, this new type of vehicle you are working on a pilot project. In the most cutting-edge companies, we have the central England Midlands circuit, the test performed by the automatic or manual which provides the technology Mira British army, has meaning.

Cinema Internet giant Mountain View, California, home to walk the streets and see the car drive enterprise itself. It is a significant step forward, Google says, is driving in an urban environment, maybe congested by traffic, a lot more complex than take the car on a straight line. “There are hundreds of different objects that move,” Chris Urmson, the project manager writes, “driving cars.” For this, he at once, pedestrians, buses, made ​​by cyclists gestures months’ signals, and more, you can identify these objects, so we have developed our software “, has been added.

Testing has already begun a series of other countries around the world. California, Nevada and Florida are going to test this type of vehicle, from the United States. California alone, designed by the giant Google driver less car on the road you’ve traveled about 500,000 km.