Interest on Apple to improve and enhance the qualities of the iPhone 6 to another level are becoming more obvious now bet all your intentions in the market for health and sport. Recent data indicate that the next iPhone will have a barometer, which would collect even more data ahead of use for applications in sports or fitness monitoring.

Reinforcing some theories about intentions in health and sport Apple has released a new feature that could be introduced in the iPhone 6. Would be a sensor to measure atmospheric pressure. Thus, the iPhone 6 would have a barometer, which allow more complete data that monitoring the environment and sport users.


Apple has also joined this trend and has already some evidence of this. The company has announced Health, a platform within iOS 8 which is designed to control and monitor the physical state of the users. Apple’s gamble with Health is ambitious, but shown so far would be just the tip of the iceberg.

Importance of Health

Sport and health have become protagonists in recent smartphones in the market. Manufacturers have opted for these fields introducing various tools on their devices specifically designed for it. Sensors to monitor heart rate monitor specific applications or sports activities are examples.

It seems that Apple’s plans go through a more targeted approach to sport and health and upcoming company terminals reinforce that view. It has already been mentioned that the iPhone 6 would integrate new tools and possibilities to develop, together with the expected iWatch, another tool of physical activity of users.