Highly stylized cars and technologies that look like something out of the future among the most striking which were to be seen at the Tokyo Motor Show. Major events and car shows not only show the next models coming to market, but it also presents some concepts of futuristic vehicles that may never come to see the light of trade, but if you are interesting. The Tokyo Motor Show which began on 20 November is an ideal place to see these advances, as Japanese companies are pioneers in terms of crazy designs are concerned. Here are some!:

Toyota FV2:

This futuristic car is distinguished by its ability to be handled by tilting the weight of the body besides the classic wheel. Furthermore, using facial recognition technology can detect the mood of the driver, to change the body color (yes, oddly enough it changes) and make suggestions, places to go. And it does not end there: these suggestions on the windshield are displayed as if it were augmented reality. If you want to know more of this car is a Android app that simulates the driving and passing is an entertaining game.


Toyota i-Road:

Another car, this time something more modest and similar to what can be seen in the Renault Twizy. A vehicle that weighs 300 kilos and reaches a maximum speed of 50 km / h. Powered by lithium battery, so that the green vehicles we’re talking a while adds. The car will start in Japan in systems “Car Sharing”: you pay for the car driving an x ​​amount of time, and then you can leave it parked at a recharging station and goes a few cents per minute.

Kawasaki J

An electric three-wheeled motorcycle and aggressive design, the kind that you can see in science fiction movies. Driving can be done in two ways: “comfort” where the front wheels are further apart slightly lifting the vehicle and a “sport” where he takes a more aerodynamic design, like a bike conventional. Another feature is the handlebars, as the driver has direct control over the two front wheels. We expect more details on soon.

Nissan Glider Blade

The classic car if you see it go down the street you stay with your mouth open. And its sporty design, with the carbon fiber bodywork is not common. Sure it’s all electric car as “Next-Gen”. Of note inside with a steering wheel and a stylized panel. But what is most remarkable? Nissan wants to put on the streets soon, so I can pass the barrier of the concepts to be a law within three years and commercial vehicle made.

Ken Okuyama Kode 9

The famous designer Ken Okuyama also present in Tokyo with this concept of vintage design inspired by sports for decades. Who would not want to drive one way?. What is it’s hard to see in production, although some units in Japan could be marketed at high prices.