Today more than ever it is essential to have an antivirus installed on our computer equipment, it is a PC, one Mac, smartphone or tablet. Every day there are new viruses every day millions of attacks are made ​​public sites, against servers and in a small percentage but not least, all our devices. Not only are we at risk of being attacked by a virus, but also spyware, which is anti virus software that seeks to steal personal data and sensitive passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, email and other information.


This software comes in three versions: Pro Antivirus (free), Internet Security and Premier . The first version is for obvious reasons that “less” security features, as only just detect virus on your computer, prevent attacks from spyware and provide security for Internet shopping . The other versions offer protection against more advanced attacks even hackers and data destruction with military technology (permanently deleted).

anti virus-software


Personally, I use this antivirus because it is fairly light, ie, takes few resources of my system and is particularly good at detecting threats . This software also comes in several versions: free, offering basic safety equipment; and advanced, which offer far greater protection for the user and the whole family. There is also a version of this antivirus for Mac and Android .


This is another very popular antivirus which is available for Windows. The free version detects and blocks viruses , spyware besides that provides real-time protection on the Internet, this means that checks the links before you click. The strongest version of this antivirus blocking the fraudsters , encrypts files to keep really private and prevents hacker attacks.


This brand used to be the number one detection and removal of threats, well, that does not mean it is no longer good, only that competition improved considerably. Kaspersky provides security solutions for almost all platforms, from the PC and Mac to Android devices also clear, to have a free version though, this is really simple. Only antivirus has an annual cost of 419 pesos but of course, more robust solutions at a much higher cost.