Maybe everyone relates to Sonar electronic music, but this annual festival held in the city of Barcelona, ​​has more content or substance and also reaches out to the latest innovations and technology. In the context of Sonar + D, a space which aims to give relevance to creativity and new technologies and is well integrated into Sonar by Day, were testing oculus rift and got to see the documentary “Clouds”, which was presented for the first time in Europe. ‘s report fully interactive, it is also one of the first visual experiences created for these augmented reality glasses and has already garnered several awards and prizes after passing through events like Sun dance or Tribeca Film Festival New York.


But what can be seen in “Clouds”?

Perhaps the most attention-grabbing is that it is not a film to use, no need for a screen to view it. Simply, you stand the Rift Oculus and headphones and you can already start to enjoy a 3D experience and where you will be asked, at various stages, to actively participate. way, you can rotate up to 360 degrees (if the cables allow) , moving your head side to side or up and down to go scrolling through the various scenes of the film as if you really were the protagonist of a video game. This is what its developers or “creative technologists” and George Minard, have called RGBD.

What had feelings?

A part of being completely isolated from the outside (once you get the Oculus Rift your reality is what you see through your screen) you immerse yourself in a world of waves, apparent galaxies, interactive graphics, visual effects and sensations completely unknown in some cases, may even get a little dizzy. But once past the initial shock, you wrap and transport you to a future that might not be so far away. You can see part of “Clouds”, evidently without Oculus 3D Rift or experience in the following link .