Castrol has just introduced a new technology called Nexcel for changing the oil in just 90 seconds. This solution, which includes the engine oil and filter, promises better performance and lower environmental impact. This is not a easy work. Lets talk about The technology allows oil change in 90 seconds.

oil change

As announced by the manufacturer, Castrol Nexcel allows an oil change in only 90 seconds, 13 times faster than the conventional process (which often leads to about 20 minutes). Likewise, this new technology offers car makers and owners of cars ” performance benefits, maintenance and sustainability ” of cars. Nexcel provides a reduction of carbon dioxide in engines offering performance advantages thereof. In addition to this new technology oil change will be very quick and clean way in the workshops.

What Nexcel provides Castrol with is that the oil can be re-refined back into high-quality lubricants, saving more than 200,000 tankers virgin oil a year.

Paul Waterman, CEO of Castrol, said: “We believe this is the biggest leap forward in technology oil change in the history of the combustion engine is the result of nearly three years of work, but as soon as people. see the benefits of emissions as well as substantial environmental benefits, they will ask why has not been done before. ”

Richard Parry-Jones, head of the automotive industry and chairman of the advisory board Nexcel for his part, said: “If you look back in the history of Castrol have always been innovative, using science to improve the performance of their lubricants and take them to their industry. Nexcel represents one of its most significant innovations. ”

The system will be fitted as standard on the new Aston Martin Vulcan , but it is expected that this new system into production within five years for the other cars. Castrol is currently in talks with other carmakers to implement Nexcel in their new cars.