Smartphones are like cars: If you care, they will last longer. Here are a few tips to extend the life of your mobile phone.

Currently, we use the smartphone for everything. That is why, if you want to extend the life of your mobile phone is important to pay particular attention to their care and management . It is known that the technology involves a planned obsolescence but if every day you invest a few seconds to pamper your terminal, get lengthen its duration and not have to renew it so quickly. Sony investigated during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the need to renew the mobile every year , and the results were not very specific: it is sometimes out of necessity and others just on a whim.

mobile phone

Do you want to take advantage of your smartphone to the max? Follow these tips and get to extend the life of your smartphone . The best advice is to care, it seems obvious but if contact with the keys or other objects inside bags or backpacks you get is avoided. Also avoid putting it in tight pocket or back pocket.

Avoid, insofar as possible, drops and bumps. You can always use it to personalize your smartphone cases and also protect it. To complement the housing would also need a screen saver, in the case of it falling down, avoid the annoying scratches. To extend the life of your mobile phone is also important away from elements such as the sun and water. The sun affects the battery life and especially its operation.

Battery: main reason that renews the smartphone

The duration of the battery is usually a headache for all telephone users, and that is the main reason why it was decided to retire the terminal. The aim is to extend the battery more than a day, and has much to do to get into the habit of charge. It is recommended not to discharge completely, or that is loaded to 100%, that is, to keep the smartphone loads between 30% and 80% are realized.

If you want to increase the durability is not necessary that you close the apps, because in the blink more battery power is consumed. Using the charger to suit the voltage also influences the duration of the load.