There is no doubt that new technologies are changing the way cars and drive them. However, not all agree with the implementation of these these technological advances. Often many people prefer traditional models lacking technology but made more pleasant the act of driving. Do we have too much technology in cars?

The new technologies are changing the way cars and drive them but not everyone agrees with the widespread implementation of these technological advances in cars. Do we have too much technology in cars ?

technology in cars

Today there are two trends that coexist in the automotive world, on the one hand, it is increasingly common for people to keep their cars longer, other drivers have in mind that the new vehicles they incorporated the latest technologies . Often both they tend to aggregate resulting in truly strange situations: car several years old with advanced technologies installed by their owners.

Today computers control almost every aspect of our lives, and in the case of cars would not be less. For example, in a hybrid, between the foot and the pedal software that decides how to operate the internal combustion engine and the conventional brakes with electric motor when braking and starts.

Meanwhile, cars are changing dramatically thanks to the rise of new technologies. The transition from analog to digital began many years ago when they started making computers capable of controlling the engine, brakes and gearbox, in fact many of the known today as new technologies have been in operation for many decades . That’s when we thought of introducing technology to help the driver: traction control, stability control, cruise control.

The most important change is that now the cars can see and communicate with their environment. Using cameras and sensors can provide important information to the driver. Until a few years ago this type of technology could be considered as something exclusive to drive very high-end and luxury but today is even being sued by governments and that is proven to very significantly reduce road accidents, increase safety and many of them help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Connectivity have been the final touch in this race of new technologies in cars. Once the drive is connected is obvious that we will use that connection to smartphones, tablets and laptops. GM On Star was the first to implement this system, now days is a rather unique hybrid that can not be used remotely or Android or iPhone.

All these changes mean that there are many people consider that we have too much technology in cars and who prefer traditional models lacking technology but made ​​more pleasant the act of driving. They do not want large screens that replace the old buttons to control the car and sound systems to replace the car radio.

For many drivers there is something wrong going from driving a convertible soft mode to sports at the touch of a button through a menu, so they prefer the traditional model.