New Asus workstation that can go from being a Windows Ultrabook with an Android tablet in a flash. When we talk about tablets and PCs is a reality have distinctive uses and can not be supplanted altogether one another. In light of this idea Asus is taking a shot at a line of compact Windows 8 that can, in one basic advance, changed into an Android tablet. Huh, is that conceivable? Indeed, sufficiently only to see the Transformer Trio a year ago and this new Transformer Book Duet.

On a fundamental level it is fundamentally the same as a ultrabook: A little versatile 13-inch 1.9-pound weight and just 16 mm thick, the benevolent that can convey all over the place. The enchantment, in any case, that has two working frameworks : Windows 8 and Android, and can switch between them by squeezing a solitary catch. Better still is the way that the touch screen is separable . In short: you can go from a Windows PC to an Android tablet in a moment or two.


This makes it more adaptable than other comparable convertibles like the Lenovo Yoga, albeit honestly the 13.3-inch screen can be something incredible for use as a tablet long time. From the equipment side of the PC has more soul tablet workstation : Core i7, 4GB of RAM and a bizarre stockpiling processors: 128 GB SSD to be utilized as a tablet and 1TB in “PC” mode, best of the two universes. With respect to battery life as long as 6 hours and 5 Android 4.2.2 Android. Will confront different options like Microsoft’s Surface (increasingly appropriate for expert use in the PRO form) or the Lenovo Yoga. Has the cost as the principle weapon. $ 599 I trust soon in Spain.


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