The cameras that come in our smartphones are getting better: year after year, model after model, major mobile brands present them with improved cameras. So much so that many families no longer have digital camera to preserve their memories, and mainly use the integrated camera on your mobile phone. While it is true that the quality of these cameras is far from what can be obtained by a professional photographer with the right equipment, benefits are spectacular compared to what you could get a few years ago. You know how to take full advantage of your smartphone’s camera? You have 6 tricks to make better photos with your phone.


1. Do not use the zoom. Seriously, use the zoom “manual”, approach 😉 Either edit the photo after taking it. But do photos with your mobile using the digital zoom expecting very nice photos, because the digital zoom automatically mean loss of photo quality, without reversing.

2. Disables flash . Do you have it in automatic mode. Use the built-in flash only in cases where the darkness is extreme. If in doubt (poorly lit interiors, exteriors in low light) take the picture without flash, you’ll probably get better results. You will have to spend the flash mode automatically to your phone off, because usually triggered automatically in case of doubt. Try it: in the same situation take the picture with flash and without flash, and you’ll see how to actually flash is not always the best option.

3. Use the manual exposure control . If your mobile phone provides this option, use it. For example, the iPhone with the latest version of the iOS operating system, 8, have this function. With it, you will notice right away that not always the choice (to date automatically by the device) in the best light conditions was far from the best. Being able to adjust the amount of light you want to shoot while you’re focusing on is a big plus.

4. Use the HDR and photos burst . What is HDR? High Dynamic Range, and is basically that while you take a photo, if you have HDR enabled smartphone actually takes several photos, and mix to present the best possible combination. A detail: HDR best used in still photos, with no movement, because being a combination of photos is easy to leave “move”. For these cases, use photo functionality burst. While focus, your smartphone is taking motion pictures in rapid succession you intend to capture. At the end you can select those that interest you to save.

5. Panoramic Photos. Current smartphones allow take panoramic photos with quite spectacular results. Consult the manual of your device and prepare to “widen” the most of your photos.

6. Photography apps installed. Have fun with them, investigate its possibilities. As we have said, with every new smartphone model and evolution of operating system, cameras improve performance. Still, there is always room for improvement, something that developers are well aware of my photography. You have many, free and paid, to try and enjoy.