No matter if you recently purchased a Galaxy S4, or if you’re still pulling your Galaxy S3. Whether you have a Nexus 4 of Samsung, as if you preferred the HTC One; call it Galaxy Note or Desire S. The fact is, if you have any of these popular Android based phones, somewhere going to want to use it to guide you on your travels by road or driving time. And in that case, you’re probably interested in what you have GPS app for android without internet.

By default, Android uses Google location services to find out where you’re going. This means that your phone will send data to Google (anonymously, of course) from mobile networks and Wi-Fi, GPS completely ignoring your phone system to save energy. This system of triangulating your position based networks is effective, but only so far as it depends on the existence of any network and lacks the precision of a real GPS. However, it is often sufficient for certain applications know their approximate location, which in most cases is more than enough.

Activate GPS on Android

However, if your intention is to use a map on your smartphone to guide you in a foreign city, or want to use it as a navigator in your car or yes need to activate the GPS. Nothing could be simpler; you just have to follow these steps:

1. Turns your phone menu and choose System Settings .

Two. Sees Location Services , section staff .

Three. Tick the option GPS Satellites .

Now your mobile phone can use either Android mobile data networks and Wi-Fi as your GPS to determine your location. In fact, information from networks help set your location faster than using GPS satellites only.

Obviously, you use the networks in your environment and your GPS terminal do not need an Internet connection: your mobile has everything you need for applications to know and use your location without problems. Yet know our coordinates (longitude and latitude mapping) is not enough to know how to get from one place to another. For this, you need a map.

Unfortunately, if you’ve traveled to an unfamiliar place, you do not have data network and not remembered download a map to the memory of your phone from connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, there is nothing to do: you’ll have to buy a map printed for lifetime.

So the trick to get all the party to your mobile Android GPS without internet connection mobile data network, is to get an app through which you can get off the maps prior to use anytime offline .