What is the need to use SSL? A web developer may have come across many customers who ask the same question. So, today in this post, I will provide a detailed information as to why a website needs an SSL security and do every website needs SSL or not. SSL is one of the most important parts of keeping the internet secured and protecting the sensitive information as it travels from one place to another online. SSL keeps the web from being controlled and managed by the anarchists and hackers. There are many benefits of using SSL security on your web hosting.

What is the main reason to use SSL?

The biggest reason to make use of SSL is to keep all the sensitive information that is sent across the web in an encrypted form, so that only the intended person can make out what the information is. As we all know that when we send an information online, it is passed from multiple computers before reaching the recipient. There is a possibility that any computer that is transmitting your information to the other side will read the credit card numbers, bank details, username and passwords, and all other classified information if the information is not encrypted with an SSL certificate.


If you want your information to become unreadable for others, then you have to make sure that you are using SSL certificates. This will protect your significant information from hackers and online thieves. There are certain things that must not be exposed to the public, otherwise it can cause personal and/or financial damages to you. If you are planning to host your website, even then you have to make sure that your information is protected from all kinds of outside threats. Let us assume that you are using iPage web hosting, as it is one of the most trusted and affordable web hosting companies in the world. The web hosting offers a variety of features to its users. There are two types of SSL certificates you can choose from with the iPage web hosting.

  1. Free shared SSL certificate, which is also included in the web hosting plans.
  2. Premium SSL certificate, (just starting at $31.99 a year).

You must be thinking that do everybody needs to have an SSL certificate? Is there not any other way things can move forward?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon the user and his/her website. See, not all the website owners possess sensitive information, either on their own or from the visitors who visit the websites, so they don’t need an SSL certificate. But, those who are selling products and services online require a restricted area beyond which nobody is able to go through. That is when an SSL certificate comes into the picture. Those website owners require SSL certificates, either the free shared one or the premium one depending upon their requirements. This will keep their data safe from the unwelcoming intruders and hackers.

How do visitors figure out if the website has an SSL certificate?

As we know that there are so many web browsers available these days and each one of them has its own unique way of showing the visitors that the website is secure or not. When you try to open a website, you will see a green padlock icon on the left side of where ‘https://’ is mentioned. If the green padlock is there, then it means that the website has an SSL certificate. In some web browsers, the entire search bar is green. It is your wish how you want to place the SSL certification badge on your website.

How to install a Premium SSL Certificate?

Comodo has launched a premium SSL certificate, which is the fastest and most affordable way to protect all the customers’ transactions. This particular SSL certificate comes with great value added packages, which makes them the most recommended choice for any type of businesses, whether small or big. One thing is sure that your website is going to enjoy the highest levels of security with the premium SSL certificate, plus you will also receive several extra tools and features that will help you boost your sales. The SSL certificate is an important aspect for the betterment of your business.

Author Bio: Charles Dunningham is the author of this blog post. He is a professional working in an IT company for the last 10 years. He has a vast knowledge about the web hosting service and SSL security certificates that are used in the online business. He wanted to share this information with his readers, so that they can use the best security for their online business. He also recommend to visit web hosting review websites such as Hostingreviewbox.com before choose any web hosting service providers.