All things considered, a delve in the source code, be that as it may, uncovers the site meta portrayal label still says: “Redesign your Experience. May 2019”.

The equipment coordinates the spilled pictures of a supposed Valve VR model headset that previously seemed online last November (in spite of the fact that the clock on the PC out of sight uncovered the photographs had been taken a lot before in July 2018). The pictures were totally unsubstantiated, yet given their multifaceted nature, the quantity of units appeared, and the bona fide looking Valve logo imprinted on the circuit loads up, we said at the time that on the off chance that they were not veritable headsets, they were inconceivably definite fakes.

In spite of the fact that Valve has talked straightforwardly of the VR diversions it at present has being developed, there was no official word that the designer is going alone with respect to equipment. Up ’til now, here’s still no word on the SteamVR Knuckles controllers, nor the Half-Life VR diversion that was prodded.

(source: eurogamer)


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