We are the people of smartphones, with a smart phone every two people, and the people of cash, with eight out of ten transactions that are made with banknotes and coins. The novelty presented today by Vodafone, Paper Yes and Master card fits halfway in an attempt to take advantage of the propensity for mobile devices to encourage the use of the cards, whether credit or prepaid. The technology used is the NFC and allows you to pay swiping your smartphone on the item A simple gesture, which excludes the portfolio transaction and that under 25 euro does not require the insertion of any Pin. The data in the paper, and then a sort of virtual version of the same, are inserted into the SIM phone and everything is handled through the Android application, version for Windows Phone will come later, Vodafone Wallet.


Therefore, it is the operator who is responsible for making travel safety information on its network and installing a small program on the card. And this is the main reason why the first commercial launch of NFC payment system in Italy is owned by Vodafone and not one of the many banks that have experienced the solution in recent months. From April 29, the day of departure of the service, in June the only ones to be able to perfect the transaction with the smartphone at one of con tactless POS 15.0mila in Italy, if they are from Ikea or the new Catalyze for example, will be the owners of the 500 thousand Prepaid Vodafone Smart Pass, which will only have to buy for 10 € the new 4G Sim NFC. I’m ready to activation Sim 200 thousand. Must obviously possess a mobile phone equipped with NFC sensor, a feature that is common at the moment 8 million devices on the market. The figure is expected to triple by 2015. Although globally the trend seems clear, with 64% of smartphone-enabled by 2018.

Not only with cards

Within our borders who owns a contactless card with which to pay 150 thousand crawling on one of the Pos-enabled smartphones which they will also, has already encouraged the use of small promotions or offers. Ikea they give you a chocolate bar, restaurants Catalyze will serve coffee and Vodafone gives you two days of free calls every first of the month you pay with your Smart Pass. With the NFC definitely will see something similar. The use of NFC is not limited to, inter Alia, credit cards: you can also manage the application Wallet loyalty cards, restaurant tickets and season tickets for public transport. Just Atm, a company that manages transportation in Milan, has largely pioneered the obliteration of tickets, virtual, of course, with the new mode. You just have to wait for the official announcement.