Still confusion about non genuine versions will be upgraded to the next version of the operating system Microsoft. xplaining who can upgrade to Windows 10 without cost. Those who are not in doubt: will be free for users who have a legitimate license for Windows 7 or 8 , which can install the update at no charge for the first year (from 29 next July and 2016).

But on Friday, the company released a text on her official blog stating that users participating in its Developer Program (which allows you to install a free trial version of Windows 10 beyond what the user had before) Windows Insider called , could upgrade the trial version (the preview ) a complete and legal, end of Windows 10.

The point is that participate in this program only requires registering with a valid mail account, so you get a free copy of Windows 10 it was essentially very simple. This may seem anecdotal for an end user, which usually receive a Windows license when you buy a new PC, but not for a company, where licensing costs are different (and could here involve skip all that apply), or a small manufacturer of equipment that could install the trial on PCs sold (without paying the appropriate licenses) then knowing your customers receive a complete (and legal) version of Windows 10.

On Monday, as noted ArsTechnica, the company changed the text of the blog with a more concise: those involved in the Windows Insider program will receive a final version of Windows 10, but without clarifying whether it would be considered genuine.

In the latest version, confirms this interpretation: those who have a genuine license for Windows 7 or 8 may free upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29 ; those with a beta version of Windows 10 (which distributes the Insider program) will continue to update the operating system indefinitely, and will have a version that is, obviously, identical to the other, although without the seal of “genuine” .

As updates expire, leave this program developer will eventually that version of Windows 10 be declared invalid. To keep the Windows 10 beta constantly but valid, we must continue to receive updates Insider (although we always try test versions).

Microsoft is implementing several strategies to improve the distribution of Windows 10, first said the pirate versions will also be updated and transformed into genuine (one designed for China strategy, where almost no recorded actual sales), and then had to withdraw : will be updated equal but they will still be considered pirate versions; the company what interests him most is that all the park user is on Windows 10. In fact, the licensing of Windows 10 is no cost for devices with screens less than 9 inches , to help manufacturers to compete on cost with Android tablets.