Finally If you’re using an iPhone or iPad sure you were expecting the update to iOS 7.1 raring. Is now available for all users, but those you are not the best news. It is best that new iOS 7.1 does not disappoint and is all that iOS 7 should have been from the beginning. But better late than never, right? If you want to know exactly what will change when you update your system to read version.

Most expected this update: the CarPlay system is now available for all users. If you have a support car, you just have to connect the iPhone to the vehicle and you can access the Phone, Music, Maps, and messages from the car. How do I control it? With the buttons on the car, through the touch screen or, of course, by voice with Siri.

A little innovation that will make users happy using much this native iPhone app: Now you can see the events that you have planned in the month view. Do you have iPhone 5s and are fond of photography? Then this news Worth: chamber smartphone that will enable automatic HDR mode.

new-ios 7.1

In controls Adapted there are several new features: you can reduce movement in more applications, see the text highlighted on the keyboard also, calculator or icons; You can show the shape of the buttons, the colors darken and reduce my white point. This does not interest us much time because of iTunes Radio is not available in Spain or Latin America, but also added some new features. Now you can buy albums or subscribe directly to iTunes Match .

If you usually use Siri in English or Mandarin Chinese will be glad to know that iOS 7.1 will use more natural voices for these languages. In addition, by holding the home button to activate Siri hear your voice, and stop doing it when you release the button.