WhatsApp has a spam and phony news issue where because of the usability of the flag-bearer, it enables clients to effectively spread spam and phony news without essentially thinking about it. The organization has been attempting to take care of business and as indicated by WABetaInfo, they have more highlights in the WhatsApp beta that will help manage spam and phony news.

In what manner will they do this? Essentially if you somehow happened to look at the data about a specific message (where it demonstrates you on the off chance that it has been perused or conveyed), the beta was spotted with another component that likewise indicated clients how frequently the message has been sent. I’m not catching this’ meaning and how can it recognize spam or phony news?

At times if a message has been sent on numerous occasions, there is a decent shot that a few people may just pass on the message as opposed to verifying whether it may be genuine, which is the way phony news can spread. So on the off chance that you see a message that has been sent multiple times, at that point possibly it could merit completing a touch of research before you choose to advance it along to your different contacts.

WhatsApp had recently presented another element where they began to mark messages that were sent. They likewise began to confine the occasions a message can be sent to attempt and decrease the effect of phony news when it spreads. Regardless of whether these progressions will help stays to be seen.

(source: ubergizmo)


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