I must admit that several months i want a tablet. It is an idea on my mind often, but always convince me not achieving the need for two reasons. First, because the price of a low no more or less competent tablet of 200 euros (and leaving aside the leading brands), a not insignificant in this day and age and the economic situation that we are living amount. And second, because I’m not entirely convinced it’s going to repay this money.


Let me explain. Undoubtedly, the ability to purchase a device of this type and have it owned tempts me too, especially after some fiddling in department stores when I have the chance. The truth is that I spend several minutes opening applications, looking at the technical specifications and making all kinds of tests. And I recognize that this is a device that amazes me with its agility and efficiency.

But then I think: “Why I want a tablet?”. m not a businessman, so now I must discard one of its main uses, the professional. Logically, this terminal is useful to work with him for meetings, travel and ultimately, it is not possible to have a computer. In that sense, is a most effective device, since it tends to have a large autonomy and easy portability, but the fact is that it would bring him the most of these attributes.

A striking whim

On the other hand, since I have a powerful and functional laptop with which I can perform almost the same tasks as a tablet. So I always end up discarding the idea to bought convincing myself that it is nothing more than a whim. But a quirk with which could run endless fun and useful applications, which could surf the internet and watch movies from anywhere without lugging around a heavy laptop and with that, ultimately, it would me really well.

So, probably a little treat, but I want to give it to me. And I feel that I am not the only one who would like to become a device even knowing that there will exploit all the possibilities offered me. Anyway, I think the one I have some money I think I’ll end up spending on a tablet, although not the best investment for the uses that I’m giving. I’m sorry if he ‘disappointed’ to those who had the same dilemma as me, but a tablet is much more comfortable than even the best laptops, do not you think?