One of the genres most celebrated by many gamers PC, console and online gaming is to hire. The unbridled race, very realistic simulations, stories to limit the characters … Large developers of video games have very clear ingredients to offer very thrilling driving experience. In this post we present five games car, a non-exhaustive list but different for different types of players, for everyone. If you are regular players know almost everyone. If not, just the itch to put you behind the wheel you enter yes, yes, the wheel: keep in mind that many of these games, to enjoy the most, are required to have a special flyer to play them, because the experience of immersion in driving is much higher than that of play with a conventional PC or console command. Ready? Hands on the wheel and … we started!

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The most realistic simulator

As with many successful games, rather than a video game, we speak of a saga. The first development dates from 1997, for the first version of Playstation. Currently, the latest version is Gran Turismo car 6. This game stands out for its extreme realism, the meticulous detail of cars, not only in design but in the simulation of the driving experience of different models and brands.

Need For Speed: a mythical arcade

This racing game, also known by its acronym NFS has also had several editions: in some more prone to realism, but in others with less realism, which makes the car easier to control and gives the game a more arcade air (slot machine, which overcome various levels of difficulty). A characteristic feature of Need for Speed ​​are the game modes, where for example can be intercepting police who exceed the speed limit … or be you that surpasses the driver and try to avoid being caught by the police. Another feature of NFS is that it allows tuning cars.

Out Run, an endearing classic

Those who have a certain age, and liked them the secretive machines and video games car no doubt recall Out Run: a simple story and good graphics for the time, and now make us smile. A younger may not saying anything, but if you’ve played the first version of this game (in 1986), I love to watch this video. Will the driver of the Ferrari Testarossa, with blond hair woman who always accompanies him in the front seat, finish the 5 stages before the end of the countdown that would leave out of the game?

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, rather than a driving game

Grand Theft Auto Although it is rather a series of action adventure games, rather than motor chose to include in this list Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, because in the course of the history of the character are so many vehicles that have to run or flee (cars, boats, helicopters, airplanes and motorcycles) that this makes him somehow also be a driving game further action adventure. The adult themed game, with violent actions, made ​​him qualified for over 18 years in Spain.

Mario Kart, ideal for younger

With the popular Mario, Nintendo character as the protagonist, these games are perfect for little ones. Some features of the game, as you will see in the video is really exciting and very funny, is that you can take elements of “power” that you’ll find on the road and have details so nice with your pursuers as throwing banana peels to slip.