Sources familiar with the matter revealed that Google’s desire to complete the transition to Youtube as a store of home videos to a place with more polished content in order to ensure better paid advertising. YouTube has launched a new round of talks with producers from Hollywood and independent finance premium content, told Reuters two sources familiar with the matter, a move that could strengthen a multimillion dollar effort that lasts three years and has been relatively successful so far. The talks underscore the desire of Google to complete the transition from a reservoir YouTube home videos to a place with the most polished content, which is crucial to make the best paid advertising .


During the last two months, YouTube executives have begun rounds, talking to Hollywood producers to explore the kind of support they could offer to content creators and produce most popular programming, as these two people. The executives would not specify how structured programming. One of the two people said the site would provide between one and three million dollars to produce a series of programs and funding to help with marketing too. The second person said it was interested in page videos less than 30 minutes, programs for network quality television and others have recently funded. “We are always exploring various ideas and marketing content to support and accelerate our creators,” he said in an email Freshness YouTube. The website would not comment on the meetings.

The latest round of talks is in its early stages and may not materialize actual measurements, the sources said. YouTube is by far the place of streaming most popular videos, with more than 1,000 million unique visitors per month, far surpassing Netflix and Amazon. But you are trying to attract more companies to premium ads on the videos, boosting margins while overall prices Google advertising fell.